3 Minute Hero

Be a hero!

We want every young person to access careers advice from those who’ve been through the journey themselves – you! After all, there’s no one more qualified to do this than real people with real experience.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’ve got years of experience under your belt, everyone has a story to tell and the Three Minute Hero campaign can help you to share it.

How to be a hero

1Get comfortable

Creating your video won’t take long but it’s best to do this somewhere quiet, with a relatively clear backdrop and a good internet connection.

2Get started

You can do this on a desktop, tablet or mobile (just make sure hold your device in landscape!). To get started, click 'Create your video' to open up the Three Minute Hero submission form.

3Tell us about you

Fill in the form and include some information about your education and career to date — it will help us to match your video to other young people with similar backgrounds and interests.

4Choose a question

To help focus your advice, we’ve suggested some questions for you to answer in your video. Pick one from the list or create your own if you'd like to share a story about something else.

5Create your video

Record your video or choose one you’ve made earlier — try to keep it under 3 minutes! We’ll edit and share it on our free careers platform startprofile.com to inspire thousands of young people across the UK.

Create your Three Minute Hero video!


Fill in the form below and at the final stage, you'll be asked to create your video! If you're doing this on a mobile or tablet device you'll have the option to record and upload your video as part of the process. If you're using a desktop, please record and save your video first so it's ready to upload.

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1. Personal Details
2. Your Education
3. Your Career
4. Your Story
5. Ready?

You're about to create your video! Remember to introduce yourself, focus on the question you're answering and keep it short. Good luck!*